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Why Your #House is ‘Much #MoreValuable’ on the #Blockchain: Ubitquity #Interview

property spoke with its founder and CEO, #NathanWosnack, on how it will not only #revolutionize #landregistry and #preventfraud, but also increase the #value of your #house, and why his company picked the #Bitcoin #blockchain.

#Ubitquity is a blockchain-based #realestate platform that provides secure #recording, #tracking, and #transferring of #propertydeeds.

Nathan Wosnack says:

"At Ubitquity we have maintained the policy and commitment to being blockchain agnostic; a term we have been using internally for over a year before it started being picked up in the public recently. Our decisions for the use of the Bitcoin blockchain on the Colu API (Colored Coins) as our primary platform is a purely objective technical decision rather than political one. The community seems to make this into a binary / black and white “Bitcoin’s public blockchain versus permissioned ledgers” debate… as if you have to pick just one and stick with it ad infinitum. With the new inquiries and requirements for smart contract/permissioned ledger capabilities, we’ve been actively exploring those.

At the end of the day if there is a market demand we as a company will address those on a case by case basis while maintaining our goals of being distributed and having a scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for Small Business and Enterprise."....

..."For example, imagine that a new house is built. The land’s origins are recorded: subdivision, plat, survey, and GPS coordinates, etc. The building permits are recorded by the builder and all sales records from the original owners to every next sale. But not only that: the original builder warranty is there too. Any future improvements, permits, warranties, surveys, flood elevation certificates, and more. 50 years later the current owner gets foreclosed on or simply passes away without heirs."...

..."We know when the old owner put in the pool or erected that fence in that which encroached over the property line. We can easily go back to every major event in that property’s history and truly inform the next buyer. Being able to better determine true market value while marketing it for sale and adding a significant amount to the transaction."...

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