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#Microsoft partnered with #BlockstackLabs and #ConsenSys to build an #opensource #identityplatform under #UN agenda


#ConsenSys, #Microsoft, and #BlockstackLabs collaborate to create an #opensource, #selfsovereign, #blockchain -based #identity system while ex-trader starts a non-profit ID2020 to address the problem at #UN-level, through public-private partnership.


For the first time, the company announced the plans at ID2020 summit dedicated to the issues of identification in line with the #UN’s #SustainableDevelopment Goals...

....According to the #UnitedNations, there are around 1.5bn people across the world who have no way of proving who they are.
Sam Cassatt, chief strategy officer of ConsenSys, says:

“This project represents meaningful progress towards accessible, powerful identity for our world. If successful, we will enfranchise a significant portion of the global population that was previously disenfranchised and democratize access to the rapidly evolving global financial system.”...

....One and a half billion people – a fifth of the world’s population – lack proper identification.

A third of the children under five years old don’t officially exist since they have no birth records.

A total of 230 million children under the age of five have no birth certificate, a number that is growing.

A total of 50 million children – the population of the United Kingdom – are born with no legal identity.

These “invisible” people are vulnerable to child abuse, trafficking and prostitution. To address this problem, “Target 16.9″ of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is striving to give everyone some form of legal identity, including birth registration, by 2030. To make this task easier to manage, ID2020 has developed a goal to provide scalable, legal digital identity by 2020'...

...In light of these events, ConsenSys will push the development of #uPort, a solution that will #empowercitizens to control their #onlineidentity, this essentially means that your #reputation will not be tied to a #centralized server.

...This enables #people, #organizations and objects to attest to the conduct of their #counterparties with respect to various kinds of #transactions: buying/selling, lending/borrowing/repaying, collaborating on projects, gaming interactions, and data quality and reliability

Your #identity and #reputation can be securely hosted in #Ethereum’s #blockchain, where #governments or companies may be able to sign your data to attest their validity. According to ConsenSys, the users will be in full control of their information, allowing them to selectively shared it when they desire...

Christian Lundkvist, ConsenSys

...Christian Lundkvist, lead software architect of uPort, notes:

“I’m very excited about this collaboration, which promises to radically expand the reach and user base of self-sovereign digital identity systems. With this project we are taking a big step towards empowering people who suffer due to  the lack of identity, as well as streamlining the fragmented identity systems in our modern society.”

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