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#Walmart Steps Into the World of #FinTech With New #PaymentApp

#Walmart is finally stepping into the world of #FinTech with the launch of #WalmartPay , an #application that lets customers check out by scanning a #QRcode at the register.

Walmart Pay Launching 5 months after its 2015 announcement, Walmart’s new payment app aims to improve customer experience in the checkout line. With an initial rollout to 600 stores across #Texas and #Arkansas , Walmart Pay operates on an iOS and Android app. When customers approach the register, a QR code will be displayed on the POS terminal screen. With the app, customers scan the QR code, activating the service. After the code is read, items can be scanned at the terminal. Once the checkout is complete, the debit or credit card associated with the Walmart Pay account will be charged, and a receipt will be issued in the app.

Walmart has chosen to develop this internal app rather than opting to allow external solutions like #ApplePay or #SamsungPay . According to Engadget, though, the retail giant does not want to compete with Apple and Samsung, it just wants to make their customers’ shopping experience more satisfactory....

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