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The #Commonwealth to release #blockchain -based #messagingsystem for #lawenforcement


During the last couple of years, #cybercrime has gotten significantly worse due to the establishment of the Internet era. According to recent reports, The #Commonwealth, which is a voluntary association made up of 53 countries, has announced a project that aims to develop a #blockchain app to help combat cross-border crime.

The app, which will be developed via a joint venture between The Commonwealth and the Digital Identity Security Company, will represent a secure, blockchain-based messaging system for law enforcement agents and prosecutors, which will enhance communication and cooperation for all the Commonwealth countries. The app will work by validating and storing the identities of the contacts on the blockchain, thus removing the need of a central database.

In return, this will significantly help officers gather intelligence more efficiently and lead to less cyber-crime......

In the commonwealth news release it states:

Blockchain technology also underpins virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. It is essentially a record of digital events shared among many different parties that can only be updated by agreement between participants using the system. This technology has been recognised only recently as having other uses and applications.

Helping member countries make better use of new technology to facilitate international cooperation in criminal justice matters is a Commonwealth priority. The Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative and Working Group on Virtual Currencies have provided expertise in this area....

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