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Sites Turn To #AudioFingerprinting to #Track Your #Privacy

Sites Turn To #AudioFingerprinting to #Track Your #Privacy

In a wide-scale study carried out by #PrincetonUniversity they have identified a new technique being used to track users and try to strip web users of their privacy.

They write:

"In the simplest case, a script from the company Liverail checks for the existence of an AudioContext and OscillatorNode to add a single bit of information to a broader fingerprint. More sophisticated scripts process an audio signal generated with an OscillatorNode to fingerprint the device. This technique appears conceptually similar to that of canvas fingerprinting. Audio signals processed on different machines or browsers may have slight differences due to hardware or software differences between the machines, while the same combination of machine and browser will produce the same output."

What should be concerning to users is how audio fingerprinting does not require the tracker to obtain specific #computer privileges, such as accessing a device’s microphone. Instead, it looks at the signal in the way it is being processed, which can reveal unique information about the device and the software used to connect to the Internet. According to themerkle.

ZDnet states that: The technique isn't widely adopted but joins a number of other approaches that may be used in conjunction for tracking users as they browse the web.

For example, one script that they found combined a device's current charge level, a canvas-font fingerprint and a local IP address derived from WebRTC, the framework for real-time communications between two browsers.

However, one #technology the #researchers envisage being helpful in future to keep on top of proliferating and ever changing #tracking techniques. Specifically by helping keep tabs on #fingerprinting #scripts is #machinelearning , which they hope will be able to be used to automatically detect and classify trackers, potentially being able to replace the current necessity for developers to manually curate #blocklists .

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