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#Russian #PostalService to track parcels via #blockchain

#Russian #PostalService to track parcels via #blockchain

Russian Post deputy director announced the integration of the #blockchain technology into its service of parcel tracking. Doing this, the company hopes to restore the trust of the clients.

#Russian #Post aims at integrating new #technologies to stay in the market despite it has already lost its #monopoly of #datatransfer from one point to another, claimed Rodion Shishkov, deputy director of Russian Post while speaking today on the conference at #InternetInitiatives Development Fund (IIDF) – business-accelerator for promising Russian #startups.

“We want to stay in the market, we want to develop our company and to create new products. If Russian Post did not experiment with new things emerging right now and did not integrate new technologies into its products, it will leave the market.”....

....The aim of the company was to create a service that would be useful for a new type of consumer – Internet seller and Internet buyer. The platform to improve businesses with sellers was launches “one of the recent days”, told Shishkov....

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