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#Russian Ministries Question #Bitcoin #CriminalLiabilities

Bitcoin law

Unsubstantiated reports from #Russian news outlets quoting prominent Russian news agency Interfax have revealed voices in the #MinistryofJustice and the Interior Ministry to question and even oppose the Russian Finance Ministry’s proposal for a #bitcoin banning bill.

A source from “the financial and economic block” of the government has reportedly told Interfax that the Ministry of Justice does not agree with some of the wording of the bill proposing a ban on money “surrogates” a term frequently associated with bitcoin and virtual currencies....

Prominent Moscow-based business daily Vedomosti addresses the topic in its news-in-brief, which reads:

"The Ministry [of Justice] believes that there is a need to further study the introduction of criminal liability for individuals and administrative bodies over the issuance and sale of money substitutes since the degree of public danger of the act “is questionable.”

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