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Peace & Stability through the Blockchain: Policing (part 4)

Police lights

Similar to how #blockchain -forward #technologies streamline the border, the same could be done on a blockchain during a routine traffic stop or encounter of an officer and a civilian. City, county, state and federal governments have yet to fully synthesize their #dataonpeople .

Oftentimes in a traffic stop officers do not know with whom they’re dealing. That poses a threat to officer safety. In order to deal with this shortcoming, the Department of Homeland Security has sought to organize “fusion centers” under President George Bush’s National Strategy for Information Sharing, which established the centers.......

......Not only could officer safety be ensured in the field with a fusion center based on a public ledger model, but the ACLU’s transparency concerns could also be alleviated....

......On the flipside, this technology could aid the driver of the vehicle, whose information can be uploaded to a public ledger regarding his car specs in real time. How fast was he driving, etc. This public ledger evidence could one day be used as defense in court......

Full Op-Ed@CCN>>


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