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Morgan Stanley Claims Blockchain Still Has Obstacles


The giant corporation #MorganStanley , a multinational #financialservice provider who focuses on wealth & asset management, has recently released a paper on blockchain technology. The report titled Global Insight: #Blockchain in #banking – disruptive threat or tool? explains the protocol will be a disruptive economic tool in the future. Despite knowing this, the firm says it will be quite some time before it affects legacy institutions......

Masters says to forget about #Bitcoin and its “associated noise” and tells the interviewer to focus on the very basics of the underpinning technology. Masters says:

“The fact that underlying the invention of alternative currencies, cryptocurrencies, was the creation of a technology, and that technology actually enables all sorts of things, of which just one use case is cryptocurrencies. And that technology, which is known universally as blockchain technology, or perhaps more generically as distributed ledger technology, is where all the interest and the focus is, at least by wholesale, regulated financial institutions,”

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