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#Litecoin Is Far More Popular Among #CNY #Traders Than #Ethereum


#Cryptocurrency trading is booming in #China, and the rest of the world is following suit. #Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency in just about every country. But the competition between #Litecoin and #Ethereum is still in full effect for CNY traders,  whereas things look very different in the USD market....

...It comes as quite a surprise to find out exchanges dealing with CNY are seeing more trading volume in Litecoin than Ethereum as of late. Given the #globalappeal Ethereum seems to have, and the growing interest from all over the world, the trading volume in CNY markets does not seem to reflect that by any means....

.....The big question is what CNY #traders are doing with Litecoin, other than #speculating about the price. So far, it does not appear as if #investors are using LTC to buy goods or services, but only as a way to speculate on the value of the cryptocurrency. Either way, it is rather interesting to note, and a sign that Litecoin is far from dead.....

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