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Instant Private #Bitcoin #Trading Could Revolutionize #Remittances

Instant Private Bitcoin Trading Could Revolutionize Remittances

Can you send money across borders instantly at almost no cost? Robert Genito of Wall of Coins thinks peer-to-peer #Bitcoin #exchanges could revolutionize the cross-border #remittance industry.

Cross-border remittances to friends and family account for a significant chunk of economic activity, especially among undocumented immigrants.

The undocumented living in the #UnitedStates sent an estimated $26 billion in 2014 to Mexico alone, underscoring the high demand for a method of transferring wealth internationally with as little #paperwork involved as possible....

Wall of Coins, a service for the peer-to-peer private trading of Bitcoin, has the ability to provide an extremely cheap and simple form of remittances.

The functionality of Wall of Coins involves matching Bitcoin buyers and sellers securely and anonymously....

.... Wall of Coins recently expanded support the #UnitedKingdom and #Mexico , the latter of which profits enormously from remittances....

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