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How To #IntegrateBlockchain Into Existing #Businesses ?

How To Integrate Blockchain Into Existing Businesses

The team at Emer claim to have matched blockchain solutions and comprehensive technical approaches for solving issues related to current centralized models of commerce.

Eugene Shumilov, CEO at #Emercoin , reflecting on the origins of Emercoin says:

“I am often asked why EmerCoin is named so. It is from the word ‘emergence’ — signifying the emergence of new properties in the system, more than the sum of its components. This is fusion, synthesis, evolution.”....

  • The Emer platform claims to offer Digital proof-of-ownership to merchants who are looking for both #scalably and to #transparently store records of both digital and physical assets on the #blockchain . 
    From a resolution of land title disputes between law offices to licensing associated with anything from streaming video services to anti-virus software subscription, the Emer platform claims the ability to manage these processes.....

    • One problem for several websites is #onlineadvertising , a key source of revenue, and managing payment models with advertisers.
    Both #ContextOne and Advendor use #emcLNX as basic technology for their ad-tech businesses which allow them to more efficiently manage contracts between advertisers and publishers and the delivery of traffic or clicks between them. Using #decentralized blockchain ledger technology through Emer, the often mysterious space between publisher, advertisers and the middleman has been bridged........

    Stanislav Polozov, Chief marketing officer at Emercoin, says about the future of blockchain technology:

    “We want to be in the market for a long time and provide a bunch of services. We’re not a pump-and-dump coin. VPN peer-to-peer connections — any protocols for that matter — can be made absolutely safe using blockchain. We will build on other protocols if enough people need them.”...........

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