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#Hacker Donates $11k of Stolen #Bitcoin to #KurdishFighters Battling #ISIS

Hacker Donates $11k of Stolen Bitcoin to Kurdish Fighters Battling ISIS

A #hacker has stolen $11,000 worth of #Bitcoin and donated them to #Kurdishfighters battling #ISIS.

The hacker, known as #PhineasPhisher, donated the large sum to a group of Kurdish fighters in the northern #Rojava region of #Syria. Phisher later admitted on Reddit that the funds in question were stolen from a bank, though he declined to mention which one.....

Phisher made the redistribution of Bitcoin because of inspiration by the Rojava #revolutionaries, according to a tweet:

“Rojava is one of the most inspiring revolutionary projects in the world today. I just donated 10000€ in bitcoin”

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