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#Future Generations of #CyberSecurity Experts Need To #ThinkLikeAHacker

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In this day and age of #hackers and #Internetcriminals , #securityexperts are faced with serious hurdles to prevent these attacks from happening, instead of cleaning up the mess afterwards. A new initiative will help security experts think like hackers, in an attempt to step up #cybersecurity all over the world.

One of the best ways to solve any criminal case in the world is by trying to think like the culprits. This is no different in the world of cybersecurity, as hackers always leave certain digital breadcrumbs for security experts to trace, assuming they know where to look in the first place. Acquiring this particular set of skills requires thorough training, preferably at a very young age.....

....The #NewYorkUniversity ’s #Brooklyn campus recently conducted a Cyber Security Awareness Week, where various competitions are held to bring cyber security to the forefront.....

....Twenty years ago, Kevin Mitnick was among the world's most infamous hackers, arrested and sentenced to five years in jail for breaking into the computer networks of #IBM , #Nokia , #Motorola and others. Today, he's a respected security consultant who breaks into clients' computer networks to show them their weaknesses.

It's called "penetration testing," and it's just one example of the sorts of jobs these future hackers could get when they graduate....

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