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#Dash Is Ready for #Business, Aims To Surpass #Bitcoin And Become #TheFutureofMoney

Dash Is Ready for Business: Dash Developers Ready Point-of-Sale Integration

In terms of adoption by merchants, businesses, and other “real world” applications, the rest of the #cryptocurrency community lags severely behind #Bitcoin . Recently, however, certain #altcoins have begun to make inroads in business adoption ( #Scotcoin for example). #Dash , currently the fifth most prominent cryptocurrency, debuted a vending machine at the 2016 North American Bitcoin Conference, Dash N’ Drink, to showcase Dash’s InstantX instant secure transactions. Last month, a #DashPayments for #WooCommerce plugin was released, further expanding the cryptocurrency’s adoption possibilities.

CoinTelegraph spoke with Moocowmoo, Dash developer behind Dash N’ Drink, about the state of the cryptocurrency’s marketplace adoption.

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Dash Aims To Surpass Bitcoin And Become The Future of Money

The introduction of Bitcoin to the world sparked a revolution of finance and economics. Bitcoin set money’s value free from government constraint. Now the value could be determined solely by the market. Instead of depending on centralized third parties for every financial transaction, people could inexpensively exchange value around the world and in a completely decentralized manner.....

With Dash, almost any feature can be decentralized and included at the protocol level. For example, the next phase of the Dash project, called #Evolution , will introduce a new level of user-friendliness to a space which is not typically known for it.

Duffield’s excitement for the future of Dash is apparent as he says that “[Dash Evolution] is a next-generation platform for purely #decentralized #ecommerce . This system when deployed will allow low-risk reputation-based e-commerce and a completely decentralized arbitration system which can replace centralized escrow services.”

And with Dash’s strong foundation, who knows what else is possible in the future?.......

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