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#Copyright #Infringement Disputes. #Blockchain Can Provide #Solutions

Copyright Infringement Disputes? Blockchain Can Provide Solutions

Cointelegraph explores the issue of #copyright and how the #blockchain can provide a #solution.

In the article it uses the following recent example:

"An episode of Family Guy titled 'Run Chris Run', that aired on Fox on 15 May 2015, used a clip showing a glitch in the 1980s Nintendo video game Double Dribble. The glitch allowed users to get an automatic 3-point goal every time.

The clip was taken from Youtube, where it was uploaded in 2009. After the release of the episode of Family Guy, Fox complained to Youtube and had the video taken down on copyright grounds.

This episode highlights the ease with which large media organizations can unfairly use the provisions of the DMCA."

To make the process of copyright registration for digital content more user-friendly, blockchain technology be the key factor. Copyright registration is effectively creating a form of ownership of that content while #timestamping it and then tying that record to the person/group responsible for the creation of the content.

The immutable nature of blockchain provides an excellent way to validate proof of existence.

The 'hash' of a file can be recorded on the blockchain, proving proof of existence at a particular point in time.

The hash is a string of characters which is a function of a file and is unique to a file.

Since the blockchain is immutable, the recorded hash provides conclusive proof of existence of a file at a particular point in time.

This can also be done very quickly and at relatively low cost. It also allows enough #transparency to settle any #copyrightdisputes quickly.

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