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Commonwealth Secretariat Unveils Secure Blockchain Messaging App


The #CommonwealthSecretariat , the executive arm of the 53-member Commonwealth of Nations, has launched a #blockchain -powered secure communication tool geared for governments and law enforcement.

Developed in partnership with UK-based startup Digital Identity Security Company (DISC), the project is designed to offer a secure means of communication for government and law enforcement agencies within the Commonwealth.

The move comes more than a year after the Secretariat first waded into investigating cryptocurrencies by way of commissioning a report on the topic. That report, released in February, called on member-nations to declare their legal stances on the digital currency, while arguing for "innovative" approaches to technology oversight.

The organization has seen activity on the digital currency front, including a meeting last October between roughly 30 Commonwealth central bank representatives, who discussed the technology in the context of global remittances........

Encrypted messaging tools on the market today include the popular Pretty Good Privacy program, or PGP, as well as a range of commercial-style apps aimed at privacy-minded users.......

.......Malby said that he believes these solutions can be applied to other areas, particularly global development, healthcare and education.

"International organizations have a lot of problems. They have to organize between a lot of other countries, whether it’s in areas like health, education, or any areas where there is cooperation required. The same #technology could be used for networks in any of those fields,”......

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