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#BruceFenton to #RTNews : #Bitcoin is #Secure, #Scalability Will Be Fixed

Bitcoin Bruce Fenton Russia Today

#Bitcoin is a #securenetwork that has never been #hacked and is actually safer than owning #gold , said Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Bruce Fenton in a television interview with RT...[Watch Video Below]

Bitcoin losses had come mainly from company failures like Mt Gox, Fenton said, and even “clogging” of the Bitcoin network recently due to transaction volumes had not resulted in users losing any money.

“Is this the end?” RT presenter #SophieShevardnadze asked Fenton, citing recent Bitcoin brouhahas such as the block size debate, scaling proposals, and Mike Hearn’s infamous “rage quit,” in which he declared the Bitcoin experiment “failed.”

Shevardnadze also questioned whether Bitcoin had become too centralized, with “only five people” deciding whether or not to implement changes to the protocol.

Fenton went over the main attributes that have contributed to Bitcoin’s success: using it is entirely voluntary, as is contributing and accepting code to the protocol. There is no leader, and those with influence in the community have it because a majority of participants allow it....

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