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BitPay CEO reveals new U.S.-wide bitcoin debit card service

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At a demonstration at the #Consensus2016 conference in #NewYork , #BitPay revealed a new bitcoin debit card that is available in all 50 U.S. states.

Issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, the #debitcard allows clients to load #bitcoin , make payments at Visa POS systems and take out cash through Visa ATMs, reported CoinDesk, which is running the two-day Consensus conference.

Bitpay Processes

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair told the crowd:

"We believe that if you can use bitcoin in more ways it makes bitcoin more valuable."

In his presentation, Pair explained that BitPay has been experiencing a month-to-month increase in transaction volume since October of 2014. Pair also provided a chart showing a 100% increase in transactions from April of last year (60,000 records) through March of this year (120,000 records).....

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