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In an article by Time online Don and Alex Tapscott look at the #technology behind #Bitcoin. A lot of the main media outlets have moved away from mentioning Bitcoin directly with their focus more on the technology behind it ' #Blockchian '.

In the article they suggest:

"Sonorous or not, this technology represents nothing less than the second generation of the Internet, and it holds the potential to transform #money , #business , #government and #society ."

"When you send someone information like an email, PDF, PPT or JPG, you’re really sending a copy not the original. Depending on the rights granted to recipients, they may be able to print a copy of these files. But under no circumstances should you print, say, money. So with the Internet of information we have to rely on powerful intermediaries to establish trust. Banks, governments and even social media companies like Facebook work to establish our identity and ownership of assets. They help us transfer value and settle transactions."

enlightening, spiritual

However while many main media outlets have been moving away from the Bitcoin language. There have been a number of atricles that point towards a resurgence in interest in Bitcoin.
Most recently in opinion articles, by Vinny Lingham on coindesk and Allen Scott on news.bitcoin, point out that there is still a growing interest in the #cryptocurrency . 

Scott Says:

" that some governments are already keen on Bitcoin. Going by the nickname of “virtual gold,” it could very well become a strategic global asset for the digital age moving forward."

Lingham Says:

"Currently, the market cap of bitcoin ($7bn) is simply too small to facilitate a large buy of bitcoins from any governmental organization. If bitcoin started to surge globally, it could become of strategic interest to a government, and therefore other governments. I believe this would trigger something akin to a digital commodity race.

Imagine if China started buying up large amounts of bitcoin – would the rest of the world governments stand idly by and watch? I don’t think so – so my prediction here is that by 2017, governments will become the largest buyers of bitcoin, pushing the price up to new highs."

While many have been moving away from mentioning Bitcoin at all what may be apparent is that Bitcoin itself still has massive potential ahead of it. Even if it were to crash and burn the #blockchaintechnology that is now being explored my many major governments has the potential to change all our lives.

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