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According to newsbtc, "Since Bitcoin started gaining attention across the world, Japan was the first country to face the burnt, all thanks to the Mt. Gox fiasco. But as always, they recovered from the initial shock soon after, to become one of the leading markets for the digital currency."

...However according to reports there has been a drastic increase of trade in digital currencies since then. With an estimated 50,000 Bitcoins being handled in the country it has become even easier to trade Bitcoins thanks to the various exchanges in the country. With popularity also growing for altcoins, the token economy has been growing at a steady pace in the country....

  But according to themerkle "if there is no real use for cryptocurrency in the real world – other than as an investment vehicle – it remains to be seen whether or not there will be such a big Bitcoin boom as people seem to be expecting.

That being said, Japan holds a lot of aces up their sleeves for Bitcoin adoption as well. The country is well-known for favoriting new technologies, innovative payments, and tokenized currency which does not come in physical form per se. Bitcoin seems to check all of these boxes, which could hint at future adoption boosts."

This adoption is mirrored in many other countries aside from Japan. With the number of bricks and mortar businesses that accept Bitcoin or other altcoins as forms of payment still remaining very low. Japan is a good reference to look at as it makes it mark on the world of digital currencies. In the coming years we may see more adoption of cryptocurrency as the value of the technology behind it becomes more widely understood.

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