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#AwardWinning I/O Digital Creates Foundation For #Blockchain Work And #Charities

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Where most #digitalcurrencies focus on coin functionalities, public adoption and new wallets, I/O Digital has focused on #blockchain development. The team has worked to deliver a secure and rapid blockchain that can support data. The storing of data on the blockchain creates numerous opportunities.

Blockchain technology allows the storing of copyrights in a #decentralizednetwork . It can also create arbitrary services that utilize the network. This is why banks, corporations and institutions are investigating and investing in blockchain technology....

....The blockchain software that I/O Digital is developing is #opensource and usable by everyone.

I/O Digital believes companies can use blockchain technology to secure synergy between services, operate with less cost, add new services, and gain a competitive advantage....

... #Venturecapitalists, #privateentities , #communitymembers and investors have reached out to I/O Digital to lend support to its efforts. To accommodate this interest, the company created a foundation, I/O Digital Foundation...

...The foundation will continue I/O’s support for charities. Over the last 20 months, I/O Digital has donated more than $10,000 to charities. Ten percent of every donation to the foundation will go to charity....

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