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Age of Altcoins? Alternative Cryptocurrencies Make Gains Against Bitcoin

Age of Altcoins? Alternative Cryptocurrencies Make Gains Against Bitcoin

#Bitcoin has long held a firm lead in the #cryptocurrency world. However, this advantage has become diminished over the years as more altcoins have made gains in distribution, value, and adoption. Bitcoin’s market capitalization percentage, well over 90% for 2013, has since declined to 82% after having reached an all-time low of 74% in March. #Altcoins ’ percentage of trading volume is also at an all-time high.....

#Dash has made inroads into merchant adoption, debuting a #WooCommerce plugin, as well as a functioning vending machine to showcase InstantX instant zero-confirmation transactions. Currently, a reported 52 merchants worldwide accept payments in Dash.....

#Auroracoin , already in the hands of 10% of #Iceland ’s population, is making a comeback, debuting bus stop advertisements across the island nation while preparing an Auroracoin/kr√≥na exchange as well as integration with merchant point-of-sale systems.

#Scotcoin , a cryptocurrency relegated to #Scotland, as of yet not a sovereign nation from the United Kingdom, is accepted at several retailers around the region, from virtual offices to pubs to clothing stores, and soon even airlines. In March, the Glasgow Rocks basketball team sold tickets for Scotcoin.

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