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Yale Lecturer Highlights Blockchain Transparency after Panama Papers

Blockchain Yale

The #superrich use a variety of #taxloopholes and shields to protect their assets, but with the release of the #PanamaPapers this revelation somehow seemed a little different. Should one’s access to #privacy be defined by their ability to pay for it? There is nothing wrong with privacy unless it leads to purposeful obfuscation to avoid the application of laws. #Mansharamani thinks that a leading solution to the privacy issue may found in the utilization of #blockchain .

He offers up that blockchain’s architecture, as discussed by #MichaelCasey at a recent #MIT event, will provide the opportunity to add layers of visibility to once cloudy areas of the economic function. Mansharamani notes that Casey purports “that automating trust through public ledgers will streamline business and government transactions, destroying information bottlenecks and improving #transparency and #efficiency .”.....

....Although the wide scale utilization of this #technology would provide many positive externalities for the masses, do not expect it soon. The issue with this technology is that many institutions feel that it is a little too transparent....

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