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Will Litecoin Surpass Ethereum in Terms of Market Cap

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#Ethereum is now the second largest #cryptocurrency after #bitcoin in terms of market cap. It dislodged #Litecoin from its previous position to take up the top spot among #altcoins .

As the demand for #Ether , the cryptocurrency used by Ethereum protocol increases, there are a lot of questions about its future and comparison with other #digitalcurrencies floating around. ....

...While Litecoin was created as an alternative for Bitcoin, Ethereum protocol was created as a #blockchain -based applications protocol. Blockchain-based applications are #smartcontracts programmed over the blockchain, these smart contracts can be executed automatically once the preprogrammed conditions for its execution are satisfied. Ethereum uses Ether as a crypto token for value exchange on the platform. In addition, the Ethereum protocol currently running on #Ethash proof of work protocol will soon be migrating to proof of stake system called Casper. Once Proof of Stake algorithm is initiated, it will be virtually impossible to use dedicated hardware to accelerate mining. It is very important in this case as Ethereum uses the processing power to run #decentralizedapplications on the #network and not just for the discovery of new blocks so that the miners a get their rewards, sooner than later....

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