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Will Bill & Ted 3 Feature Bitcoin, Dark Web?

The news last week that production for #Bill&Ted3 will most definitely begin soon came as welcomed news to the Internet. In 1989, when Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was released, there was no Internet, and George Herbert Walker Bush was President. That’s a long time ago, dudes.....

....  Bill and Ted’s has always incorporated #technology into its theme, even if it was a bit #ScienceFiction laden. For instance, the film centers on time travel. The first Bill & Ted’s film, Excellent Adventure, features Bill and Ted traveling through time for their final history presentation. They learn that, far in the future, Bill and Ted’s band  “Wyld Stallyns” inspired a utopian society. It enjoyed commercial success and ultimately achieved cult status.

Considering Winters’ interest in #DeepWeb technology, one must wonder, considering the films science fiction bent, whether or not some of the recent technological innovations since the first Bill and Ted’s film, such as encryption and #bitcoin , will play a role.....


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