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“Unicorns” and Investors Are Gearing Towards Blockchain

“Unicorns” and Investors Are Gearing Towards Blockchain

Because of the potential of the #blockchain #technology , #corporations and #startups that have set up #blockchainresearch and development teams can potentially create their own decentralized #peertopeercurrency or take advantage of the blockchain network’s irrefutable and unalterable nature store data and information efficiently through the utilization of #smartcontracts ....

....A growing number of corporations, enterprises and investors are beginning to feel ambitious enough to either build their own permissioned blockchain networks to efficiently process their existing services and products or develop their own unique altcoins to power their networks.

What began as an experimental project of #WallStreet banks has become a #worldwide #phenomenon , supported and followed by the world’s largest startups and companies.

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