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Trailer for Unreleased TV Drama Highlights Digital Currency’s Seedier Side

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A new trailer for a #TVdrama called “ #StartUp ” suggests the upcoming series to appear on #Netflix -competitor #Crackle will feature a heavy emphasis on “ #DigitalCurrency ”.

Starring notable actors including Fargo’s #MartinFreeman and The OC’s #AdamBrody , "StartUp" centers around an idea for an "unregulated digital currency" and includes content that may sound familiar to those used to hearing product pitches from the #bitcoin community.

As seen in the trailer, the series, set in #Miami , focuses on actress #OtmaraMarrero (who plays Izzy Morales, the head of a digital currency startup called GenCoin) and actors #EdiGathegi (a gang leader named Ronald Dacey); Martin Freeman (portraying FBI agent Phil Rask); and Adam Brody (an investor with something to hide).

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