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The Need to End Bitcoin Discrimination

On April 21, #Bitcoin .com ’s store was denied via email by #2Checkout .com because it is “Bitcoin associated site,” said a representative from the company. It turned out that the slogan of payment processor, claiming to make payments worldwide possible from “any device,” is a bit misleading. This is because Bitcoin and anything involved with the #digitalcurrency is “prohibited.”....’s #RogerVer said it’s a shame that businesses such as 2Checkout are misinformed about the #cryptocurrency . “If #Microsoft , #Dell , #Expedia , #Shopify , or #Nasdaq asked 2Checkout to process their #creditcardpayments , you would deny them as well?” he asked the company. These #businessgiants all accept #bitcoin as a form of #payment and are therefore associated with the cryptocurrency....

....This case is simply another great reason to #supportBitcoin and spread awareness of its use-cases. Bitcoin has a lot of challenges to overcome because of #ignorantpoliticians , and media reports giving it a bad name. A lot of people are #misinformed about the currency and could learn a thing or two if they researched a bit more.

Obviously, companies like #Overstock .com, #Microsoft , #Shopify and others have figured out the many benefits Bitcoin can provide. should take note from these businesses and large corporations who already accept the currency.....

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