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The Future of Digital Currency, What Lies Ahead? (opinion)

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#Bitcoin is a #digitalcurrency which is no doubt a product of the internet. When it comes to adoption and future of this digital currency, bitcoin is readily comparable to the origins and growth of the internet itself. It is the human nature to fiercely resist change before embracing it, and being a revolutionary development, bitcoin is still facing the resistance phase....

....Currently, bitcoin is being used mainly for #remittance , #payouts for #freelancers , #contractors , and other regular payments. As its adoption grows, many companies like #DELL , #Overstock , #Expedia and others have already started accepting #bitcoinpayments on their sites.
In a recent interview, the CEO and founder of #Coinbase Brian Armstrong has stated that bitcoin and #blockchaintechnology are not as separable as some presume. They are both part of the same thing, and unless more innovation goes into the public blockchain and bitcoin, private blockchains and integration of the technology into the banking sector will not make much difference.

There have been multiple reports of bitcoin being a failure, but according to Brian Armstrong these developers haven’t been patient enough to wait for things to happen. Also, it is not new for bitcoin to have people wrongly predict its impending demise. These predictions are so frequent that there is a website called Bitcoin Obituaries to keep track of them.....

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