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Stellar Foundation Offers Lumen to All Bitcoin Users


It is good news for those #bitcoin users with a streak of altruism in their blood. #StellarFoundation is giving away a significant number of #lumen , the #cryptotokens used by Stellar protocol to bitcoin users. According to the latest announcement from the Stellar Foundation, 19 percent of the total lumens initially created will be distributed among bitcoin users, starting July 4, 2016.

By giving away 19 billion lumens to the #Bitcoincommunity, Stellar hopes to involve the bitcoin community members in its initiatives. Stellar will be distributing lumens in multiple rounds. The first round, starting July 4, 2016, will see about 3 billion lumens distributed among bitcoin holders. The lumen distribution program will enable bitcoin users to claim a certain percentage of network, equivalent the percentage of total bitcoins they own.

For those who are new to Stellar, it is an open source financial platform built over #cryptocurrency #technology . Unlike bitcoin and other #digitalcurrencies , the Stellar protocol allows people to build financial products on the platform. With Stellar protocol, Stellar Foundation aims to provide access to financial services and education to everyone around the globe........

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