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SF Bitcoin Meetup Live: Case Studies on 'Distributed Autonomous Organizations'­ and the Age of IoT

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#PatrickSalami - Founder and #CTO of #HitFin , a derivatives trading platform and smart contracts API based on #blockchaintechnology. He is a software engineer with a background in #financialservices, #bigdataanalytics and #Hadoop .

Topic: Case Studies in Distributed Autonomous Organizations on the #Blockchain

Today's blockchain technology unlocks new financial and organizational paradigms that reduce our dependence on intermediaries. We are now able implement some core functions of intermediaries such as governments, banks, clearinghouses and brokerages with computer code that runs entirely on the blockchain and is not controlled by any single entity. In this talk, Patrick Salami of HitFin explores how distributed autonomous organizations are changing our society today through smart contract APIs and apps that are disrupting crowdfunding platforms, securities and derivatives settlement organizations, governments and other large institutions.

#NathalieSalami - Founder and Chief Legal Officer at HitFin, an attorney from #UCLA with a specialization in #taxation, #businesslaw and #policy . She has experience with blockchain technology and securities law, has been a lead attorney at a congressionally funded law firm, and has operated her own law firm for many years.

Topic: Blockchain and the Age of #IOT

In an IoT network, the blockchain can keep an immutable record of the history of smart devices. What does this blockchain capability unlock? In this talk, Nathalie Salami of HitFin explores how blockchain technology drives new connected smart devices that were previously impossible. Smart devices can now communicate with each other without relying on a central service, fostering both longevity and accessibility.


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