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Privacy Vs. National Security: Debate Over Encryption Ban Takes a New Turn in the US

While many keep questioning how accessing users’ #EncryptedData can help governments fight #terrorism , let's turn to this month’s backlash caused by the release of #EncryptionDraftBill by the US Intelligence Committee.

The bill states that everyone must comply with the law to protect #America from criminals and terrorists. A great intention, but at what cost? The bill establishes that Providers of communication services and products should protect US people’s privacy introducing strong data protection measures while still complying with court orders and other legal requirements. Simply put, all device manufacturers, software manufacturers, electronic communications services, remote communication services, or any provider of a product or a method to facilitate communication or to process or store data must provide information or data to the government if received a court order. The Draft bill states that no one is above the law and everyone must comply with court orders to ensure protection from criminals and terrorists. Doesn’t sound like anything new, but the draft bill still raises some concerns.

Simply put, there is a limit to our #privacy and all data can be handed to authorities by their request.

The bill establishes that providers of services or products that facilitate #communication or storing and processing data should protect US persons’ privacy with strong data security while still complying with court orders and other legal requirements. Is it even possible to achieve both?


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