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MIT Explores Cryptographic Heritage Solutions With Bitcoin And Blockchain

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#Culturalheritage is one of the most important #cornerstones of our #society these days, yet we are doing an awful job at protecting it. MIT seems to be exploring the usage of #blockchain #technology in this regard, which would effectively be called #cryptographic heritage.....

...Cultural heritage as we know it is often recorded in oral history or written form, but that is not always the easiest of tasks these days. Especially during times of [political] conflict, it is hard to #preserve all of the information for specific regions. #Libraries and #historicalmonuments are among the first locations to be targeted whenever destruction takes place, either as a result of this conflict or due to a natural disaster.

#Bitcoin and the blockchain could be an attractive ally in this regard as it would allow for the creation of cryptographic heritage. There are certain advantages to using a distributed and tamper-proof ledger that anyone can access at any given time. Moreover, this technology allows for #authenticatingdocuments and securely signing messages, making it a far more favorable solution than any other option in existence right now.....

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