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Lisk launch date is set to May the 24th


#Lisk is a platform which aims to offer the possibility of creating #DecentralizedApplications or #Dapps , programs that are set to disrupt the whole application market. They are based on the #blockchaintechnology , which grants them the benefits of security of the data, zero downtime, and protection against censorship. According to the team members, with Lisk, you could develop Dapps with modern web #technologies like #HTML5 , #CSS3 , and #Javascript . A Dapp Store on the #Blockchain is also under development....

...In order to make the community more comfortable the team claimed that they will be more open from now on, and to do that they will increase the efforts to keep in touch with the community by starting bi-weekly community meetings, and they will also share the internal roadmap until the release date....

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