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Kinguin Now Lets Merchants Withdraw Earnings in Bitcoin

There was much joy and excitement among #cryptocurrency enthusiasts when #Kinguin announced their acceptance of #Bitcoinpayments in October of last year. Adding more use cases for #Bitcoin is always a positive trend, and buying #videogamekeys with cryptocurrency is an excellent way to boost cryptocurrency usage.

Moreover, Kinguin has not been the only platform to do this in the past few months. #Gamesplanet and #G2A have made similar moves recently, which goes to show there is a growing interest from gamers to get acquainted with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. But Kinguin has decided to up the ante again, offering something none of the other platforms are doing just yet.

....Kinguin VP for Global Expansion, Faheem Bakshi, stated:

"We have noticed a demand from our merchants for paying out with Bitcoin. Having the option to pay out with Bitcoins is a great opportunity to attract more merchants selling digital products on Kinguin. It allows users of Kinguin’s platform to buy and sell video games in even more new ways."....

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