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Gem Launches Blockchain Healthcare Network, Partners with Philips

Blockchain healthcare

#Blockchain tech specialist #Gem officially launched #GemHealth, an initiative aimed at promoting collaboration in the #healthcare space centered on the #emergingtechnology .

As part of the announcement, Gem unveiled its first partner on the effort, #Philips , which will assist Gem as it seeks to build out a private #Ethereum blockchain for use in the development of enterprise healthcare applications......

.....Gem has always made it clear that they consider healthcare to be an attractive target for their solutions. With this announcement they have taken a large step towards building a “blockchain network for global healthcare.” The goal is for the group to build a #datainfrastructure capable of supporting #worldwide connectivity for healthcare. Gem has signaled that this will include a community driven educational element. The group also plans to lean on Ethereum for the infrastructure for #privatehealthcare networks.....

Gem, health

Regarding Gem Health, Micah Winkelspecht the founder and CEO of Gem, said:

"Blockchain technology will create a new fabric that connects the entire healthcare industry, weaving together critical data from every stage of the continuum of care."

“We’re launching a network that will allow the healthcare companies to participate in pilots and build cross-industry applications to solve different use case. We’re helping to establish that environment with companies that have been largely working in silos.”......

Certainly blockchain could fit a variety of different applications that are currently obvious, however, Gem gets this game. It is not about simply providing “plug and play” solutions. Gem is building an infrastructure that they will eventually leverage as healthcare moves to more IoT solutions. This is an important point that often times we forget. The winners and losers in blockchain will be defined by their ability to see past the immediate application.

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