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DARPA Seeks Blockchain Messaging System for Battlefield Use

US Defense Could Use #Blockchain in #ProprietaryMessaging Platform


#Communications plays a vital part in the #military . The use of #blockchaintechnology in military communications makes perfect sense, as security plays a crucial role in it. Having realized this, #DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has called for proposals from #technology companies and contractors to develop such an application for the United States military.

This is not the first time the US Department of Defense has commissioned work on advanced information technology projects. It is well-known that the international military industrial (or technology in this case) complex has been at the forefront of innovation, be it the development of The Internet itself or various encryption protocols like #PGP ( #PrettyGoodPrivacy ) or #SHA ( #SecureHashAlgorithm ) which are products of #GCHQ and #NSA respectively. Even though technically GCHQ developed an #encryptionprotocol similar to PGP independently (or so the story goes).

top secret

Disclosure of the still-theoretical system, comes courtesy of a notice posted to the website of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA), an office in the US Department of Defense ( #DoD ) that has long played a role in promoting emerging technologies.

Among the more famous DARPA projects as #ARPANET , a predecessor of today’s Internet.

According to the notice, DARPA is seeking pitches for a "secure messaging system" that would use a "decentralized ledger" to facilitate the broadcast of encrypted secrets in a transparent fashion..........

.......The network would also potentially see #battlefieldapplications . According to DARPA, the messaging system could be leveraged during instances in which troops are attempting to communicate.

The versatile blockchain technology has made its inroads into every industry possible and the defense industry is no difference either....

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